The buds of April became the flowers of May and a new full moon was approaching. Terror reigned in the village and it was awful to see people so frightened. Many of them came to me with their desperate request for help. Of course it is natural that poor people should turn to the most influential person when they have problems, but it was too much to expect that I could solve murder mysteries.

However, a firm decision had developed in my mind: I intended to fight. I felt compelled to expose and catch the hated monster as soon as he changed from a person into a wolf and I decided to go a step further. One fragrant night in May he would be captured and killed. The werewolf was out to get me and I was out to get him! If I failed to kill him it was my most fervent wish to die in defense of those near and dear to me and my household.


My wife Veronica was mentally ill, but when I first fell in love with her, many years ago, there was no sign of the illness which would darken our lives after marriage. During the last two years she had sat in her apartment most of the time, and stared at the wall. Her only virtue was that she had given birth to two wonderful children, Fredrik and Caroline, before she became ill. It had become clear to me that I should divorce Veronica and give my children a better mother, but first I wanted to destroy the monster who had so brutally deprived them of having the beautiful Ulrika as their stepmother.

It goes without saying that Veronica was one of my chief suspects. However, I was not quite certain as I lacked proof that she was a werewolf and there were others in my household who I had misgivings about.

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