During the night before the full moon in May I had a most realistic nightmare. I dreamt it was winter and in the snow behind a wing of the mansion I found the tracks of a werewolf. I followed them along winding forest paths for a long time and to my amazement I discovered that I had walked in an gigantic circle and returned to where I had begun.

Nightmares are evil things, but this one seemed as if it wanted to warn me that the werewolf was to be found in my own mansion. This didn't come as a surprise. However, the dream was not yet over and when I entered through the porch I saw a neat row of pictures on the floor, arranged in order: my murdered brother, the maid, Ulrika, Caroline, Fredrik and Veronica.


The distance between the last three pictures was considerably less than between the first three as if somebody wanted to tell me that the whole family would die at the full moon. The day passe slowly and was filled with anguish. Finally the sun went down behind the horizon and the time for the dreaded werewolf came.

During the previous weeks I had the wildest suspicions about many people, all the way from my farm laborers to even my own Caroline and Fredrik. However I could never have suspected what I soon discovered. When dawn came I saw not only Veronica, but also Caroline and Fredrik lying dead and torn to pieces. I had decided in advance to keep watch over my family during the night so that they could sleep calmly, knowing that I sat with them.

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