Three full moons and three victims. Three individuals full of life had ceased to exist. My anguish was so horrible that I could easily have chosen to end it by taking my life. By his actions that human beast had spoken to me in his own gruesome way: "You Peter are in the center of my mad bloodthirsty attention."


If there had been some ties of love between my brother Mikael and the beautiful Ulrika, I could have hoped that the werewolf was not out to get me, but they didn't even know each other. I alone was the connection between the monster's first three victims and it was obvious to me that a fourth would soon be claimed in this terrible blood-curdling drama. A werewolf's hunger could never be satisfied. Would the next victim have an even closer connection with me, or would it be me? It surprised me that somebody wanted to harm me because, as far as I knew, I had no enemies.

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