I was not so upset then as I would become later. She was neither the assassin's nor the werewolf's first victim, but the third. In February some insane individual had tasted my own dear brother's flesh and I was confronted with the awful possibility that the victim could have been me. So far providence had protected me, or perhaps saved me, as a later morsel for the evil beast.

At the full moon in March a maid, who wasn't particularly beautiful and furthermore, was unpopular because of her many visits to farmhands' bedrooms, disappeared. Three days later only parts of her body were found.

The terror which had stuck the village at the first crime became panic in April with the murder of the shoemaker's daughter, the beautiful Ulrika.


My name is Peter Mardvik. I am a lord and the owner of the famous Anga estate. My mansion is considered to be one of the finest in the county of Östergötland, which lies in the south east of Sweden. When my brother Mikael was murdered, my only possible competitor in future inheritance disputes disappeared. I was now the only one who could inherit the Anga estate. I really loved my brother, especially after his death!

However, the death of the shoemaker's daughter Ulrika upset me, as she was one of the girls in the village who I contemplated taking as my wife. She was well-known and admired for her beauty and good humor. It was awful to see her lying in front of me with her angelic face eaten away by the werewolf. There was now no doubt that our neighborhood had been visited by a werewolf and not an ordinary assassin.

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