"What is it?" He muttered.

"I am going to leave you and I want a divorce."

He sat up at once. His face was redder than Elina had ever seen it and she was really scared.

"Do you know whom you are talking to?" He said.

There was a gruesome tone in his voice.

"Of course I know."

"You are talking to Sweden's greatest tennis player ever."


"No, you aren't. Björn Borg was greater than you and you have treated me horribly. Our relationship is over and I am going to get a divorce."

"Do you know what you need? I think you need a good hiding. What you got at the restaurant was not enough. You need to take another look at your own blood."

"Don't you touch me!" Screamed Elina.

She fled into the kitchen. Then a change came over her. Thomas was going to see his own blood instead. She took the sharpest knife out of a drawer.

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