"You are mad," she screamed.

"You are a stupid idiot!"

Everybody in the restaurant now looked at them and he immediately began to assault her.

A minute later a tough Chinese waiter separated them. Her nose was bleeding and she was determined everybody in Sweden should know what tyrant their idol really was. The swine would be compared with Hitler and Stalin, not with Björn Borg and Mats Wilander. But as Thomas was the champion, people would of course take his side. Supporters love their idol even if he does assaults. The very idea of having a child with him was insane.


Elina didn't know anybody in Stockholm. All her friends and relatives lived in the north of Sweden. However, if she plucked up all her courage, she could go to the person on duty at the place for women who had been assaulted.

But she couldn't do it. Instead she went with Thomas to their large apartment in Stockholm and gave her body to him. She was afraid to stop the swine despite her strong feelings of self-contempt. This evening there was no limit to her willingness to dishonor herself. What have happened to her? She, who was once such a proud and brave steelworker's daughter, had become a browbeaten slave. However, she came to a firm decision. Now she would let him know. He slept, but she woke him up.

"Thomas, listen to me!"

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