Without suspecting anything Thomas rushed into the kitchen with his fist clenched ready to hit her mouth but she sidestepped and he missed.

He barely saw his young wife's furious lips before the knife entered his eye and he was blinded for ever. Blood poured out of the terribly injury.

"Come and look at this all of you. Your tennis idol wants to take part in the handicap Olympics," she giggled hysterically.

Elina had however decided to send him to the souls championship in Hell.


As she had already gone this far, she felt she could easily continue to the end of him. Furthermore, she wanted to know how it felt to kill a tyrant. Very few women in the world had ever experienced the sensation.

While Thomas writhed on the slippery blood covered kitchen floor and cried desperately for help, she gave him ten deep stabs in his chest and belly.

He gradually became quite, but just as he was dying, a treacherous smile came on his lips.

"You have finished dancing with the tennis champion," his fading voice whispered.

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