"Listen to me now Thomas. Don't you remember you promised me we should move to the country as soon as you were twenty-eight? You said you would finish with tennis and instead devote yourself to me and we should have children."

Elina trembled with fear. Her mind seemed to be unbalanced. She was determined to leave him and yet she talked as if she wanted to continue. She didn't understand herself. It felt as though there were two duelists in her head who wanted nothing more than kill each other.

"Do you want a child?" said Thomas sarcastically.

"But that's no problem. Let's go home and have a fuck."


"Stop torturing me!" begged Elina desperately.

"You have no reason to use bad language, you only do it because you enjoy seeing me suffer. Try to listen seriously instead. On our first wedding anniversary you promised you would finish with tennis at twenty-eight. You have already won most of the top tennis titles and you won't win any more. Nobody does at your age. Please Thomas, for my sake, finish with tennis."

"Never! I have not yet won a Davis Cup with Sweden. And I am not going to fail my country and all my Swedish fans."

This enraged Elina.

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