"How exciting. Shall we play at something?"

"No, I don't play with people, I only play with robots," said Lasse.

"But you are my pal," protested Torsten.

"I don't think so. You are a human being, are you not? Don't forget you got me as a present only three month ago. I was meant to be your property. Do you think a slave can ever be friends with his master?"

"I am against robot slavery and you know that," said Torsten feeling insulted.


"That sounds good, but how do I know if it is true? I don't want to be friends with you. You are a human being and they are disgusting."

"I am not disgusting. I always try to be like a robot," continued Torsten.

"Trying won't do. You are a person of flesh and blood."

Torsten burst into tears. Would he now lose the only friend he had just because he had a heart, which pumped blood instead of a computer chip heart. It wasn't fair.

The darkness began to spread inside Torsten. The ghost in him started to torture his heart again. It was unbearable.

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