One dark cloudy evening in April, Torsten was alone at home. He had turned off Robot-Lasse and turned on the TV instead. The film he saw was fairly old and this meant the actors were all real people. He would have preferred a more up-to-date film as he didn't like people any longer. Robot-Lasse thought people were stupid, evil and cruel and Torsten agreed. At first he did this in order not to offend Lasse but later because he really thought robots were kinder. The most attractive girls were robots and so were the bravest heroes and the best scientists. Thanks to the robots there was peace in Bosnia, Kosovo, the Middle East and Sudan. These self-operating machines were behind all the great peace initiatives. But, of course, there were robots who behaved so badly one could believe they had real human brains.


Suddenly, Torsten´s robot stood in front of him. The TV had been turned off and the windows were dark and ominous. Large flakes of snow were falling outside.

"Who turned you on?" Torsten asked.

"Have Mum and Dad come home already?"

"No, they haven't. I turned myself on."

"Can you really do that? I didn't know you could," said Torsten.

"I can do everything. I didn't want to sleep any longer so I pressed my switch."

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