Why had God created him as a human being? Why?

Robot-Lasse seemed to be able to read thoughts again. He was undeniably very independent. He put an arm around Torsten´s shoulders and spoke consolingly to him.

"I shall help you. Come with me," said Lasse.

"Where to?"

"To a doctor I know. I can see you don't feel well and you need help."


When Francisco and Linda returned home, their son wasn't there and the doorbell didn't ring until the next morning. Linda opened the door carefully. She was full of anxiety and afraid that something terrible had happened. And it had.

Linda fell back wards, horrified by which she saw. Her darling little son was covered in blood.

"I have done it, Mum. I was successfully operated at the technological hospital last night and I am much happier now that I am a robot. I really am."

The End

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