As soon as Robot-Lasse's thought-reading capacity was removed, Francisco and Linda allowed him to look after Torsten in the afternoons and sometimes in the evenings, when they went to a party. Of course, it was an experiment and if it didn't turn out well they could stop it. In the beginning Linda thought it was rather awful. Could a machine really take care of her darling son and give him everything he needed. However, after a week it seemed as if Torsten's unhappy nature was replaced by increased joy in living and after two weeks he was like a new child. He had learnt so much that was new and exciting, for example, how to persuade a robot to be a goalkeeper in a bandy match.


The days went by. The winter was really cold and lasted into April, so Torsten spent nearly all his free time at home, together with his robot. Now and then he took the robot out and, to his surprise and delight, he found most of the older ladies assumed Robot-Lasse was a human child. However, he was a little upset once when the postman saw him with Robot-Lasse and thought they were two robots taking a walk. For his part, Torsten didn't know whether the postman was a human being or not. Nowadays, it wasn't so easy to tell the difference.

In school he had begun to look suspiciously at his classmates and they were equally suspicious of him. His teacher was probably not a robot but she behaved like one.

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