Suddenly it was quiet in the cavern. Everybody sat still and looked at her. Then they began to whisper. They came up to her and felt her body to make sure that she was real and not a ghost. Nilgar began to cry for the first time since his early childhood. It took a little while before it dawned on the Rebels that Princess Luna was alive and with them. Ynisha fell on her knees before Luna and bowed her hands. She thanked the great Goddess Tismina with a prayer; but when she prayed she looked at Princess Luna instead of looking up to the sky.

"This godlike girl has come to our cavern. The Angels have sent her to us", she said.

Then she placed her hands gently on Lunas curly hair.


"You are alive", said Ynisha in her ecstasy.

"We thought you were dead, but you are alive"!

"We heard that Smirgul had captured you and had ordered you to be beheaded at the market place in Lindby", said Nilgar crying.

"But it was all a lie which they made up and used to force the people into submission. They can't kill you Luna; you are so great and powerful".

Finally Nilgar managed to pull himself together and said with a solemn voice:

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