"From this moment Luna you are not only a Princess, you are also a Rebel girl. I have no palace to give you, but the vast forest shall be your home".

Luna was pleased to hear Nilgar say these words. At last her secret dream had been fulfilled and she was now a Rebel girl, who lived in the forest.

Ynisha took out a silver necklace with wolves' teeth on it and put it round Luna's neck. It was her most valuable possession, but she wanted to give it to her anyway. The sacred wolves' teeth possessed strong magical powers and she thanked Ynisha profoundly. She promised to wear the necklace until the day Hilonien was liberated.


A long and difficult struggle lay in front of them and many lives would be lost before Hilonien regained its freedom. They were sustained by their belief that tyranny could never last forever and that people's longing for freedom would win in the end.

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