Some of them began to really cry and Luna was so moved that she couldn't control her violent sobbing. Ynisha sat her on her knee and tried to comfort her but without success.

Nobody in the cavern could avoid being reminded of the cruel efforts of the recent war, but they all hoped that happy days would return.

"They think they can enslave us, but they can't", hissed one of the Rebels.

"I would rather die than be a serf under that vile emperor".

"They want us to respect them as the authority over us", said his brother with a sneer.


"I would like to meet Smirgul and tell him bluntly that king Jomar is our rightful authority and now When he is dead, there is no authority at all".

When Luna heard this she was even more upset and Midar also began to cry. The Rebels wondered why these words had such a strong effect on the children. However, Nilgar understood that it was the talk about the King's death, which was the cause.

"What is your name my child and who are you? You must tell me", he said.

"My name is Luna and I am crying because you have been talking about my executed father; my dear father who we loved so much".

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