Ynisha was busy plucking a bird, which they would eat for the evening meal. Three other women sat by the fireplace and roasted birds on a spit. After the children had received their welcome hugs the women began to question them. Luna talked most but she didn't reveal who they were.

The women helped them to take off their wet clothes and Ynisha gave them dry sheepskin coats.

"Sit near the fire now and you will soon get warm", she said.

Twinkling stars could be seen through the narrow opening, but most of the sky was hidden by the rock of the roof.


The children each got a bird's breast to eat and at last they could satisfy their intense hunger which had plagued them so long. They had now found a home where they could feel safe and calm. The Rebels were so kind to them that they felt like crying and they were certain that they wanted to stay. Furthermore, the vast forest around them was still free.

When everybody was satisfied, Nilgar began to play on his flute. First he played jolly tones, but then the music became serious and formal. The forbidden National anthem of Hilonien echoed through the cave passages and tears ran down the faces as they sang its beloved verses.

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