The rebels lived in a large cavern, which they had turned into a pleasant home with a very high roof. Their fire was placed in a ring of stones and the smoke went out through a natural opening in the highest part of the roof. The children were happy that they could see the sky despite their position inside the rock. They soon discovered that they could also see another bit of the sky through a smaller opening at the end of a much shorter and narrower passage. This opening allowed fresh air to enter the large cavern, but only Luna and Midar could creep through it and for them it was a short cut to the outside.


The rebels had removed the sharp stones from the floor and elsewhere a long time ago. Wooly sheepskin had been spread around the fireplace, which were so warm and soft that they served as quilts even when it was cold. Barrels and chest had been placed along the walls and, at the far end, there was an underground brook with fresh spring water. On the other side of the brook the cave passage continued into the unknown.

The women wore sheepskin coats like the children. The Rebel chief,s young wife was named Ynisha. She was not only beautiful but also hot-tempered and more daring than all the others. She had dark hair, which she wore in two pigtails, and exquisitely beautiful brown eyes, which caused many men to lose their heads completely.

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