"We need a sweet little girl as a balance to all the untidy bearded men we have here. But please tell me why the imperial soldiers chased you. I didn't know that they wanted to arrest children! What are your names? Are your parents no longer alive"?

"We can talk about all that later", said Luna.

He discovered that Midar had wet clothes and Luna had wet stockings. He told them that they must hurry home with him to the cave and get warm by the fire.

"I intended to shoot some birds in the forest but I have had much better hunting"!


He led the children out of the birch grave into a dark fir tree forest where they met a group of at least a dozen Rebels. Luna stumbled over a root and hurt her foot but it wasn't serious. The Rebel with the bow lifted her onto a large stone so that all the men could see her.

"Look what I have found in the forest! She is as beautiful as a fairy, but she is a human being". They had never seen such a sweet little girl and were very pleased when they heard that she had come to stay.

"You are amazing Birmile. You intended to shout birds, but come home with a little girl instead", said the red-bearded Rebel chief Nilgar.

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