At last Midar came forward and the Rebels were just as pleased with him.

The children followed Birmile, Nilgar and the others to the cave, which was high above them on the steepest crags. They were so tired that they had to be carried up the last bit.

Finally, they came to a small dark hole in the rock, which was the entrance, and as they went in the daylight disappeared, but some distance in front of them a yellow light fell on the walls. They heard crackling flames and the giggles of young women.

"The men are coming", called one of them.


"Don't give Nilgar any food before he has kissed and hugged you, Ynisha"!

Nilgar caught up with the children and put his hands on their shoulders.

"Go in front and give the women a pleasant surprise, he whispered".

"But be careful! Don't stop off the plank because you will then step into nothing. It wasn't our intention that the trap for soldiers would also be one for children".

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