"Don't be so sad", he said.

"We shall win the war and liberate the whole of our native land. Now you must tell me how you came to be with us".

Luna saw Midar hiding behind a bush and signaled to him to come out, but he was too shy.

"I come from Lindby and I'm on the run from the imperial soldiers", she said.

"I have my young brother with me, but he is a little chicken-hearted as you can see".


Midar was angry when he heard what she said. He rushed out and knocked her down and didn't stop until he had pinched her. The man was happy to see them play.

"I would like you to stay here with us. You have no idea how dreary it is to be without laughter of children".

Luna suddenly looked serious.

"May we stay with you", she asked.

"We have nowhere to go".

"Yes of course you can", he said.

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