"You should shave off your beard", she said.

"Do you know how your face looks"?

He laughed loudly.

"Yes, I suppose I am always aware of it. But you mustn't be upset just because we are so bearded; we can't help it".

"You look like a savage", said Luna.


"I would sooner be a free savage than a tame serf. The imperial soldiers stole my land and wanted to treat us like cattle so I took my wife with me and went into the forest. When I heard you call, I was silly enough to imagine that you were from that soldier mob who had come to take me back and I put an arrow in my bow".

Luna now felt that she could rely on him completely. He was hunted by the cruel intruders in the same way as she was. He was a friend and he shared her misfortunes in these difficult times.

"I probably know what has happened", she said.

"Please, excuse me for being afraid of you".

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