"I don't think so. We would surely not feel so good if we were bewitched".

After a while they reached a small waterfall. A rapid stream hindered them from going east. It was too wide to jump over and too fast to swim in.

"Perhaps it is narrower further up", said Midar.

Luna decided to find out.


"Our only chance is to wade over it, she said. She took off her wet stockings and pushed them in her wooden shoes, which she threw to the other side. Then she stepped in and found that it wasn't deep but ice-cold and the stones were slippery. She went forward slowly and finally dared to jump onto the bank. Her feet were so cold that she screamed.

"Come over now Midar and don't take long about it".

She shouldn't have said that as it caused Midar to slip and wet all his clothes.

"You clumsy clot! Now you have made a mess of everything. Don't you know it's dangerous to wear wet clothes in the cold air"?

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