Then she felt sorry for him and stopped; however she never realized that it was all her fault that he fell.

The sun was still there, but not strong enough to warm up poor Midar. Luna offered to change clothes with him, but he refused, as he didn't want her to suffer because of his carelessness.

The pine forest was larger than the children had expected and it felt good to come out of it. However, they were afraid to get near populated areas, which were perhaps occupied by the imperial soldiers. They saw an old overgrown charcoal stack in the distance, which indicated that the wilds were not unlimited. The open areas made them think that somebody was looking at them whereas in the forest they felt alone and abandoned.


They walked into a birch grove where they saw a man sitting on a large stone with his back towards them. He had neither seen them nor heard them. Over his shoulder he had a bow and his arrow case lay beside him. His dress almost convinced Luna that he was indeed a Rebel. She shouted and rushed towards him.

"Help us! Whoever you are, please help us"!

When he heard somebody call he immediately put an arrow in his bow. Luna stopped at once as she thought he intended to shoot her, but as soon as he saw it was a girl, he put his bow down. He couldn't understand how a little girl could be so far away from a populated area.

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