They soon recovered completely and thanked her for saving their lives.

"Are you really kind and not at all wicked", asked Luna.

"I don't like people walking in my forest, but I shall always protect and watch over you. They say you are going to lead the struggle against the cruel soldiers and I don't want anything to happen to you".

Luna thought about all the children who had got lost in the forest and met their death and she became angry with her.


"So you will take care of me, but let other children fade away in the depth of the forest. Why do you care about the cruelty, which the soldiers are responsible for? You are just as cruel yourself"!

She turned her back on the children and vanished. However, Luna thought she would get an answer to her question and she heard a distant voice, but it was difficult to understand except when the wind blew in her direction.

"The soldiers are the enemies of the forest and I want to destroy them", said the voice.

Luna looked at her brother in astonishment and he looked at her in the same way.

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