Time passed and nothing happened. The Spirit of the forest was silent and Luna became weaker. She sank into a partial slumber and thought that she could hear singing and bells. She believed that it was the angels who had come to fetch her and her brother. Somebody gave her a push and she opened her eyes. At first she saw nothing but after a while she could see bushed and trees with bare branches. A lady of the forest with long ponytail hair stood between two oak trees. She was as beautiful as the dancing fairies. She didn't freeze in the cold air, as she was a supernatural being. She had golden bracelets on her arms and wrists an around her neck she had a small bell which jingled when she moved. She held a wooden bowl in her hands.

"Please help us"! Begged Luna.


"I am cold and feverish".

Luna saw how she smiled and giggled. She gave a bad impression and Luna thought that she was wicked. Perhaps she had only come there to see the children freeze to death. However, her smile was friendly as she dipped her fingers in her little bowl and knelt before them. She pressed against Midar, but he didn't wakeup so she put her finger in his mouth. He tasted something sweet and came slowly back to life. Luna was also given some and wanted more at once.

"Eat dear children", she whispered.

"Eat my wild honey and get your strength back. Eat until you have had enough and feel well".

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