They left the large lake behind them and took their first steps on their long wandering through the Rebels' forest.

"Are you sure there aren't any enemy soldiers in this forest", asked Midar anxiously?

"I promise you", said Luna.

"Would you dare to enter it if you were wearing imperial uniform"?

"No never, I would be shot instantly"!

"You see! The Rebels have power here and they are friends".


Luna and Midar soon came into a dense part of the forest. It was impossible to walk straight on; there was always something in the way. After a while they felt completely lost and didn't know what to do. However, Luna had an idea and suddenly knew the right way to go. It was as if the Mistress of the heavens had helped her.

At first the children were in a good mood, but they gradually became silent and serious. Hunger had begun to torment them; they became giddy and wanted to lie down. However, they forced themselves to continue even though walking was a nightmare and every step was a struggle against tiredness.

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