They found no berries to eat and the forest was larger than they had ever expected. They couldn't see a glade anywhere and the trees were dense. Midar was totally exhausted, but Luna wouldn't leave him.

Gray clouds, which had blown in from the sea, began to cover the sky. The air got colder and Luna shivered, but her forehead felt warm. The cold wet stockings on her feet and legs had made her feverish, but she was too weak to take them off. Midar was also beginning to feel ill. He had a bad headache and complained all the time.

"I was wrong", said Luna in tears.

"It isn't the Rebels who meet us in the forest; it is death"!


"I don't want to die", said Midar.

"I want to live with you".

"Midar, my beloved brother", she said in her weak voice.

"I shouldn't have coaxed you into the forest. This time I can't save you".

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