He was extremely surprised to see a young girl as he had always thought that the islet was uninhabited, but perhaps some lone hunter lived there with his daughter.

"I am a Rebel", he answered.

Go home now, but don't tell anybody that you have seen me!

The man disappeared immediately in the forest. Luna shouted to him to stop, but she was too late. He was too far away to hear her.

Midar was happy now and dared to leave his hiding place. He was pleased with what the archer had done and wished that all those who had been responsible for killing his parents would meet the same fate.


However, Luna was angry and thought that the Rebel should have understood that she needed help.

"Our situation is just as bad as it was before", she sighed.

"Alone in the wilds without food and all because I was silly enough not to call for help".

She looked at the coniferous forest. Now she knew that people lived there; it was a place for people who refused to give up their freedom. However, she wondered if it was possible to find the Rebels in such a huge forest.

"It must be", she said with a bold smile.

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