"It is hopeless to search for the children", said one of them.

"If we only knew which islet they are hiding on, but we don't".

"There are five large islets on this lake", said the other.

"It would tale us many days to search everywhere and even then we might not find them. If they get into the large mainland forest we have really lost".

Luna smiled to herself as she listened to their problems, but Midar was still very scared.


The soldiers continued to discuss their situation and their lack of enthusiasm for war service became apparent. Suddenly, on of them howled with pain. He stood up and then fell into the ice-cold water and drowned. A few seconds later the other soldier was badly wounded and collapsed in the boat.

The children saw a bearded man in gray clothes carrying a bow on the other side of the narrow channel.

Luna acted at once. She climbed on to a large stone and called to him:

"Who are you and why are you helping us"?

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