Suddenly they heard a rustling sound from the thickets lower down the hill and they were scared. However, it was only some deer who had been disturbed when they noticed that they were not alone on their islet.

"Look", cried Midar.

"Now I know where we are".


He saw for the first time a black rocky hill, devoid of all vegetation, which was considerably higher than its surroundings coniferous forests in the east. They knew the map of Hilonien from memory and were convinced that this was the so-called Black Rock; in reality a dangerous volcano. One hundred years before Luna was born it had been active. Red-hot ashes shot out and lava flowed down its sides and burnt hundreds to death.

"Well, we are still in Hilonien unfortunately", sighed Luna.

"I had hoped that we were already in Videnien".

"How are the people in Videnien", asked Midar.

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