They climbed slowly higher above the lake and under them they could see the stones where their boat had stranded. Fortunately, it couldn't be seen.

Midar was first to come to the top of the hill.

"Curse it", he cried.

"We are on an islet".

"Don't swear or you won't go to heaven when you die", laughed Luna.

The sun warmed her body and made her forget all her deep sorrows. She hugged her brother and said that she loved him.


-"I wonder where we are", said Midar.

"If the Gods are with us we have come to a free country without soldiers", said Luna.

"We can manage without soldiers, but not without food! If there are no people here, there wont be any food either", said Midar.

"You talk like a cannibal", she said.

They couldn't see any buildings along the shores. There were only forests.

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