"Do you think they are kind"?

"Of course they are. Father used to say that the people of Videnien are our dear brothers. I suppose you know that Hilonien and Videnien once had the same King. He was our great grandfather's father.

"Do you think that the people of Videnien will fight for our freedom"?

Luna shrugged her shoulders.

"They probably don't care that much about us", she said.


The children shaded their eyes with their hands and looked at the mighty rock in the distance. The forests south of the volcano seemed to be endless. Nowhere else in the whole of Hilonien were they equally extensive.

It began to feel cold as they stood at the top of the islet.

"Where shall we go now", asked Midar.

"Dare we go near the Black Rock"?

"It isn't dangerous if the spirit in its crater is asleep", said Luna.

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