They both slept for many hours in a world of strange dreams. Luna was the first to wake up but she found it difficult to wake her brother.

The mist had gone and the sun shone over the treetops. Their boat had got stuck on some stones near a beach covered in birch trees. Luna screwed up her eyes in the strong morning light and saw several forests to the beach on the other side. If it was Angern they must be in a long, wide creek.

"Wake up Midar", she cried impatiently.


After a while he stretched his arms and yawned. He complained about a headache and pains in his back. It wasn't at all comfortable to sleep on the bottom of the boat. They talked about their dreams and found, to their surprise, that they were the same.

"Perhaps there was something in the mist", said Luna.

"Something with supernatural powers".

The sun climbed slowly higher in the clear blue sky and shone directly on them in their boat. It was so warm that they could take off their coats without freezing.

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