Midar still had pain in his arms as a result of the shaking he got from the governor. He had red marks on the upper parts and Luna blew on the tender skin. Hatred began to rise in her and she wanted to kill all adults who were unkind to children.

"I wonder how I will be when I'm grown up", muttered Luna.

"Will I be kind or will I be somebody who kills and murders people"?

"Of course you will be kind", said Midar.

"You are kind already".


She took off her long woolen stockings and waded ashore through the cold water; Midar followed.

With great effort they managed to pull their boat in and hide it behind the trees. If the soldiers should come they mustn't find the boat, as they would then know that the children were probably nearby.

They were thirsty and drank rainwater from the crevices in a rock on the beach but they had nothing to eat. The leather bags, which the kind farmer's wife had so carefully filled with bread, had been left behind in their escape from the mansion. Their only consolation was that Luna still had her amber stone.

"I am dying of hunger", complained Midar.

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