"It is a lake where people often get drowned in storms", he said.

"I once heard a saga about two children who rowed out on Angern and were eaten by a huge sea monster".

Luna was scared and splashed water on him.

"Stop it", he whined.

"Well, stop searing me", she said angrily.

Luna had become so extremely tired that she couldn't row any longer and had to lie down on the bottom of the boat. Midar was tempted to splash her but changed his mind.


A light breeze drove them on and a strange tiredness came over him. He couldn't keep his eyes open so he lay down beside his sister.

"Are you also tired", said Luna.

"Yes I am".

"It must be the mist", she said.

Something splashed close by.

"What was that", she asked.

"It was probably a fish", said Midar.

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