"You will get more if you don't behave yourself". Midar sulked but soon thought about something else.

"What would have happened if the soldier with the sword hadn't been so short", he asked.

Luna trembled at the mere thought.

"To hit his back wouldn't have helped and we should have been killed. It must feel good to have a big sister"!

"You are the best", said Midar.

Midar was never angry with her for long.


He looked in all directions, but saw only mist and water; the only sound came from the oars.

"Which lake are you rowing over", he asked anxiously.

"I have no idea", said Luna.

"But I hope it is on the border of Videnien; in which case we shall soon be in safety".

"The lake seems to be very large. Can it be Angern", wondered Midar.

"Don't say that, Angern is as large as an ocean".

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