Luna looked around for a good escape route. She didn't want to go into the forest but she saw a rowing boat and decided to take it.

"Jump in", she said.

"We must leave at once".

She released the mooring and took a few fast strokes with the oars to get away from the shore.

Midar was so afraid that he lay in the bottom of the boat as they disappeared in the mist.


Luna had to do all the rowing, as Midar was too small. She felt pain in her arms but she was determined to continue at all costs, and she did. Midar sat up and leaned over the side. He looked into the dark water and wondered how deep it was.

"It is sufficiently deep to drown you if you fall in", said Luna.

"You mustn't lean out; it scares me".

"You wanted to get rid of me before", said Midar teasing her.

She thought he was being stupid so she splashed water on him with the oars.

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