Luna's heart pounded violently. She sat still and listened but didn't hear any footsteps.

"You go first. I will follow later".

Luna heard one of them leave; the other stayed on the landing stage. He was in no hurry to go away. She then decided to wake her brother.

"The soldiers are here", she whispered.

"You must wake up but you must be very quiet. Stand by my side and press yourself against the wall". Midar did as he was told.


The soldier heard a squeaking sound from inside the boathouse; he thought it was rats and ignored it. For safety's sake he decided later to take a look. There was a slight possibility that the children could be hiding there. Even armed rebels could be staying for the night. He was prepared for the worst and drew his sword. He opened the door and tramped in, but he found nobody.

BASH! Luna had hit him on the head with her wooden shoe; he lost consciousness and fell.

"You are fantastic", exclaimed Midar.

"Don't be so noisy. His comrade could be in the vicinity. Furthermore, he may wake up very soon".

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