"It would be fine to remove that Princess. The people seem unable to accept our authority as long as she lives. They think she will give them freedom".

"These Hiloniens are really peculiar. During all my years at sea I have never met such crazy people. How can they believe that a ridiculous young Princess has the power to hurt us? She has hardly learnt how to use a needle and thread".

"The girl is dangerous", said the one with the hoarse voice.


"The masses adore her. Suppose a large army came her and put her on the throne. She would only need to point at people to have them killed. She could get it into her head to have us all killed just because we want to kill her".

"You are right. We must kill all those who threaten our power".

Luna heard everything. She searched desperately for a way out of the boathouse, but it had only one door and there stood the soldiers.

"Let us get away from here", said the one with the hoarse voice.

"There isn't anybody here".

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