They didn't know that soldiers, who would make sure that they would never wake up again, were approaching the boathouse.


Luna suddenly woke up. She heard somebody step on the landing stage and her body fell into the clutches of cold terror. She wanted to call for help but she knew that she must keep absolutely quiet. A soft light entered the boathouse through chinks and holes in the wall, but it was not moonlight.

"What is the point of searching in the middle of the night", said an angry voice.


"I don't believe that the royal children have ever been in this area. ‘The driver probably made it up in order to give himself an appearance of importance".

"If he thinks he can make fools of us then he is wrong", said a hoarse voice.

"If it turns out that he was lying we shall give him what he deserves".

"But if we do find the Princess I hope he won't get part of the reward".

"He won't get anything. It is the one who kills the girl who is worth the gold. Smirgul is not so stupid as to reward the wrong man".

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