They returned to the boathouse and found that the door was unlocked. Both were terribly afraid when Luna pulled the door open. However, it was completely empty except for the twigs, which covered the earthen floor.

"If we weren't so afraid we could sleep here", said Midar.

"I am so tired".

"We mustn't sleep", said Luna.

"The soldiers may still be searching for us; we must get much farther away from the mansion before we can sleep".


They closed the door and lay down on the soft twigs. It was just as cold inside as outside and they longed for a fire, but there was neither a hearth nor firework.

Tiredness came slowly over them. They forgot their fears and only longed for sleep.

After a while Luna woke up.

"We have rested a long time now and should go on", she said.

"Just a bit longer", begged Midar.

A few seconds later they were both deeply asleep and their coats protected them from the cold.

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