"Me too", he said.

When they went nearer the cottage they could see in the moonlight that a small landing stage lay outside and a rowing boat was moored at the end of it in a lake. Owing to a mist it was impossible to see the size of the lake.

"The cottage is only a boathouse", he said.

"It doesn't matter", said Luna.

"You have made me happy anyway".


They went carefully out on the landing stage but they were afraid that some soldiers might still be in the vicinity. Luna thought she could see a faint light farther away on the beach; however, it was difficult to see in the mist. Midar was going to say something but Luna put her hand over his mouth.

"Be quiet", she whispered.

"I think the soldiers are quite close".

"Don't say that. You scare me"!

Luna remembered that nothing had happened when Midar called out and this convinced here that they were alone.

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