"He pulled my hair and you know how sensitive my hair is".

Midar began to cry again but Luna was angry and wouldn't console him. She wanted him to feel sorry for her, but he only cared about himself. She wished that she was alone in her distress and pretended that Midar wasn't there. However, he cried all the time and wouldn't give her any peace.

"Why must I take you with me", she screamed in her meanest voice.

"You only make trouble for us. You could have stayed with the farmer's family and been a young serf". When he heard this he became so unhappy that he cried even more.


But then something happened which made him stop crying. In front of them he saw a small cottage.

"Look Luna", he called.

"Somebody is living there. We have come out of the forest".

Luna was going in another direction when she heard her brother. She would never have found the cottage without his help; she rushed towards him and hugged him.

"You make me so happy Midar. Forgive me for being so unkind. Of course I want you with me. Without you I would have died long ago of grief and loneliness".

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