Luna took Midar's hand and rushed out of the mansion. Luck was with them and they weren't seen. They ran quickly through the forest trees but their wooden shoes were a problem so they removed them.

Back in the mansion the governor was furious when he discovered that the young rascals had taken food from the pantry.

The children lay under a tree and caught their breath. The night was dark and through the branches they could see the twinkling stars. Luna was sad and began to cry. She longed for her parents, but most of all she longed for Elona who she knew had lost her freedom and was having a difficult time. She begged the moon Goddess to protect her and all other serfs against the cruelty of the soldiers.


"I feel cold", complained Midar.

"Which way shall we go now"?

"I have no idea", said Luna.

"We can't stay here anyway. If we don't move our bodies we shall be as stiff as icicles by tomorrow morning. The cold is just as dangerous as the soldiers".

"My arms hurt", whined Midar.

"Do you think I am not in pain then", said Luna in anger.

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