Suddenly she was shocked to discover that she was not alone. Two young children slept under the gray blanket on her bed and she knew at once who they were. The governor had informed everybody during the evening and he promised his maid a piece of gold jewelry if she could find them. She went out of her room up the steps and listened intently. She was afraid somebody might come, but it was quiet everywhere. Then she went back and sat on a dirty stool by the bed. She lifted the blanket carefully, without waking the children, as she wanted to see their sweet faces and hear their breathing. She caressed Luna's forehead and hair and kissed Midar on his cheek.

"How fine you are, I wish you were my own children".


"How can anybody be so cruel as to want to kill you", she said on the verge on tears.

"Have these monsters no feelings at all? How will your future be my poor children? How can I save you when I couldn't even save myself from serfdom".

She stood up and looked in anger at the ceiling. Her tormentor was sleeping above them in his richly decorated room.

"You swine! You thought I would betray the royal children", she hissed.

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