If it became known that somebody had behaved in the typical offensive manner of a nobleman, the village committee could order that person to be compelled from the village. When times were hard and there was shortage of food, the villagers shared. Everybody was regarded as a child of the heavens and the Mistress of the heavens loved all her children equally.

All this was changed with the arrival in Hilonien of the immoral imperial soldiers. The wonderful spirit of freedom was killed, together with the King's soldiers.

Nobody was allowed to read those ancient myths, which thought people to respect the poor and weak. The emperor was proclaimed as the only one who could give people justice, but he was nothing more than a repulsive hypocrite and fraud.


The poor maid was not allowed to live with the rich farming family, who was so kind to her. The governor went round the village and selected the most beautiful girls to serve him at the manor. He completely ignored the wishes of the girls and intended to keep them for himself like cattle. The maid was tired and unhappy as she went down the narrow steps with a lighted candle in her hand and she opened the door to her small, dilapidated room with tears in her eyes. She didn't want to sleep in her bed as it was so small and uncomfortable and she longed for her farming family, but she was not allowed to meet them.

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