"You thought I was willing to sell my soul to the devil for a miserable piece of gold jewelry. If I were a man I would kill you and your murderous gang".

The poor maid didn't know what she could do in order to save the children. She decided to let them sleep as nobody had ever disturbed her during the night. There were always many soldiers guarding the mansion and she hadn't been able to work out how they could escape next day. Perhaps she must keep them hidden in her room during the winter and let them eat her food.

She pulled the gray blanket over their heads so they wouldn't be seen if somebody looked in.


The governor was a rather young man with black hair and beard and a large ugly nose. He was the son of a cruel tyrant who had taught him how to mistreat his subjects. He woke up in the middle of the night and thought about the beautiful maid who slept in the room near the pantry. He hadn't yet touched her, but now he decided to find out if she was a virgin. He put on his uniform and went down the narrow wooden steps with a lantern in his hand.

When he entered the maid's room, he found her asleep with the gray blanket over her head. She seemed to be unusually short and fat and he pulled the blanket off with a jerk.

"What the hell does this mean", he shouted.

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