Luna could see her brother's panic-stricken face. She held his hand and whispered:

"Don't be afraid. The soldiers won't come in. They are too stupid to think about searching in here".

They heard a lot of noise from the soldiers and Luna realized that they were armed, but she didn't tell her brother.

The commandant then informed the soldiers about the situation and said that the emperor wanted the children to be killed, as they were dangerous. A large reward would be paid for Luna's head.


Midar turned to Luna and asked her what they should do. Luna tried her best to keep calm. She wanted to be brave as always.

"We shall keep quiet and stay were we are".

Everything will come out allright, she whispered.

"We are not the only ones who have to live dangerously in the struggle against the enemy".

Midar felt consoled by his sister. She was so kind to him even though it was his fault that the driver discovered their identity.

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