"If I must die, I want it to be next to you", he whispered.

An awful silence took over again. Luna found some narrow steps and Midar opened a small door with a sticky handle. He looked nervously into a room and then shouted with joy. He had found the entrance to the pantry. Luna told him to be quiet as he could be heard. He felt ashamed, as he was always the one who led them into danger.

One of the moons had come up and moonlight came into the pantry through a large window. The hungry children saw the most delicious food they could think of: there were sausages, pies, cakes, cheeses, apples and bread. Midar wondered where it had all come from and Luna explained:


It is only Smirgul's governors and others in high office, that get this kind of food. They have stolen it from the people who are probably starving. It is always like this in countries where there is no King to protect the people; the landowners also get power. Midar didn't want to eat the food, which belonged to the people, but he was hungry and he changed his mind. Luna was just as hungry as her brother and they both ate so much that they didn't feel well afterwards. Then they found a small room with a bed below the narrow steps and they fell asleep at once.


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