"The farmers were always my brothers and sisters".

In a flash she took a block of wood and hit him on the head. He collapsed but recovered almost at once and saw the children ran away.

"Soldiers of the guard, come here", he bellowed.

"The Kings children are here and are trying to escape".


It was dark. Luna and Midar ran along the manor's white stone wall. Two soldiers saw them and followed. The children came to a corner and saw a small door at the back of the manor. Luna tested the door and found it was open. She entered; pulled Midar in and closed it silently. They entered a dark room and the soldiers ran past.

"Where did the children go", cried one of the soldiers.

"They must have run into the forest", said the commandant, who had just arrived.

Luna and Midar sat on a cold stone floor and trembled in fear. Soon they heard the sound of many soldiers approaching and light from their burning torches came through cracks in the door.

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